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The Artist Resume Gallery Hobbies Updates



February 13, 2001 Page Uploaded to the Internet
February 22, 2001 3-D Art Work Added
February 22, 2001 Graphic Design Work Added
February 22, 2001 Images added to the Artist Page
April 4, 2001 Heath Park is up and running..... mwhahaha...
May 5, 2001 The Semester is drawing to a close. Done a bit of tweaking and soon my Flash Interactive Portfolio will be available.
May 6, 2001


September 28, 2001

EEPS! I've made a few small changes but never logged them here. Now it's been so long, I can't remember what I did! Well....the most obvious is the Memorial Page I put up in light of the horrible events of Sept. 11th. I did not lose anyone personally but know many people who have and I grieve for them.

I adopted a dog in June. Her name is Kia and her page can be found here.

I went to Dragon*Con 2001 and have posted a few pics.

I've also made some new friends thru some old friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Thus the links to the 501st Legion on the Hobbies page. Lets see....what else...

I went to the Toledo Art Museum for the Star Wars: Magic of Myth exhibit.

You can view my adventures as a Tusken Raider here.

I may make a seperate page here for the images, but for now the photo album will do.