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Although there is not much to tell about myself, I can say that I have an extreme interest in art.

I took art in High School and decided to major in it at college. I enrolled in Lansing Community College's Art Program and have enjoyed learning the various programs over the past 5 years.

With the way computers have become mainstream, it wasn't hard to decide to take the path of Computer Graphics Multimedia.

If you really want to get inside my head, (although I wouldn't suggest it without a map), check out the hobbies page.

Update 2001

Wowee. I can't believe I actually graduated this past June. Where does time go?! I'm currently working as a Web Designer for the local law school. I love my job. :-)

I haven't been the greatest health wise but I won't go into too much detail about that.

I'm scheduled to have surgery Oct. 29th to find out what's wrong. I hope they do. Although the pain is helping me hone my rage.... *smirks*

And I've adopted a dog! Her name is Kia and she has her own page located under Images. :-)

Check out my Images page for new pics of me with the 501st Legion. :-)